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Lip plumper
Lip plumper


JaeLea Cosmetics has a new item on our shelf I hope you enjoy the lip plumping gloss to help you achieve the dramatic beautiful lips you deserve! Turn some heads..get  asked who your doctor is!!..after you try this plumper you won’t want any other plumper! it is a amazing product and animal cruelty free and guaranteed to give you more pouty fuller lips .. a tested beautiful product 


26# white oil ,P-901,PB2400,1701 thickener,R974,M750,capsicum fruitescens fruit extract,vanilly butyl ether,candy flavor,ADEKANOL OG preservative,phenoxyethanol

1.Reducing appearance of lip wrinkles
2.Increase lip moisture
3.Hydrating lips texture
4.Lip fullness
5.Moisture and locking color

How to use
1.Remove lipstick or lipgloss before applying the lip plumper
2.Apply the lip plumper to the upper and lower lips 2-3 times per day

1.This lip plumper is designed for lips, it is not recommended to use it in other areas
2.Lip plumper must not be used by expecting mothers or children
3.For people with sensitive skin ,please test the product on the inner side of arm and ensure no discomfort occurs before use
4.In case of discomfort, stop using the product and consult a dermatologist
5.If the product makes contact with eyes ,rinse immediately

6. It is normal for this product to tingle even a little burning sensation when it is applied but if you start to feel a lot of pain above a 3 scale discard and throw away ! 
7. This is a lip plumper and results only will last 1-2 hours then re apply 

Happy shopping ...lots of love JaeLea cosmetics 💋