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Want to join the Jaelea cosmetics beauty team ?
You just need the chance to get your foot in the door… 
Here  is your chance 👍🏼 To become a code holder …you Must go live using your code link with code and stand out , get scouted. We do check if the code is being used for lives or picture submissions … if no lives are seen or influencing pictures towards the brand on pages or profiles the code will be deleted. ….When you apply for a code you will be able to have a code with the our company and show off the beautiful items you have purchased and receive  the opertunity to give your fans 10% off there order and make 10% cash commission on every sale … the more sales you make and lives you do The better chances you have to get scouted… good luck

if you do get scouted there are so many more opportunities for products with a larger discount, Influencer of the month and  higher sale Comission and so much more ! 

Please note if you become a code holder and there is no sales or activity is shown with your code for over three months. it will be deleted and you will have to apply for a code once again… it is nothing to be taking offense over..this is just to regulate the program better -Jaelea cosmetics 💋