Jaelea Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray

You have the perfect make up look but you are going to be out and about all day. Well now you can make your make up look last with Jaelea cosmetics setting spray. When using the setting spray it has a fresh scent of roses. and it is supposed to help your make up last a lot longer than it typically would. The setting spray also helps with blend ability, when contouring other shades into your face and eyeshadow looks to help with that finishing touch. This setting spray is meant to help your skin have a more dewy appearance as well. Jaelea cosmetics has also worked with developers to also design a better style of spout, that helps to spray and even miss all over the face for a more even coverage. This setting spray also has A beautiful rose oil added to it, to help soften the skin and hydration! 

This setting spray can be used before a makeup application and after a makeup application and also after washing your face during your nightly routine to help hydration throughout the night ❤️


 Directions - 

Close eyes and spray face or even neck 2 to 3 inches away for a even mist and application ❤️