Jaelea cosmetics lots of love palette

Feel beautiful every time you open this eyeshadow palette and famous to ! I designed this eyeshadow palette to fit every girl of all ages and a wide range of makeup styles this eyeshadow palette is perfect when keeping it simple at a nice little restaurant  or when wanting to get dolled up with a beautiful Smokey eye when out on the town.perfect for every outfits with the basic colors of browns deep green golds I really feel by adding the light pink and maroon really made the palettes perfect ! When designing this palette I desired to have a glitter casing with a basic lever of color but a dynamic eyeshadow selection such as having the shimmer and the glitters and mattes all come together in one piece with a beautiful theme  of riches and being famous and luxury Lifestyles I feel this all went very well together and I hope you enjoy my art I have created into the beautiful eyeshadow palette lots of love Jaelea cosmetics