JaeLea Cosmetics Lip Liner

It’s lip plumping time! no just kidding … you no longer have to go get your lips done professionally to make them look more plump and full, well unless you want to of course but when you have these beautiful liners ,they do help define your lips beautifully . YES our lip liners are made to go on the outside of your lip to give you a more defined and beautiful contoured lip structure. The liners are available in 14 different shades, so you can never go wrong when wearing different lipsticks. At the end of your application you will always have a beautiful pout, when using one of the Jaelea cosmetics lipsticks, along with our creamy and vibrant lip liners. But be careful once you buy one you’ll want them all-Jaelea cosmetics ❤️ 

•Each liner is a wood base and very easily sharpened with a makeup pencil sharpener  

•Liners are Creamy and very easy to use 

•14 colors are available