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LT01 mink 25 mm eyelashes

JaeLea Cosmetics

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LT01 mink 25 mm eyelashes

Welcome to JaeLea Cosmetics I hope you are able to stay a little while please take a look around follow  my page my YouTube and other social Media platforms! This company is growing more and more everyone day ! At this moment I would like to introduce the beginning of a beautiful lash line that is only going to get bigger as this company grows..I have tried very hard for every one of you beautiful people...to bring you the best quality lashes I can! The lashes have custom packaging, Are a 3D mink washable re wearable lash, the selection of lashes I have picked to start this line, is a variation between basic wear to GLAM ! With a little edge ! I’m sure u can tell which ones are envelope pusher ! But all in all, I hope you enjoy the beginning of this wonderful collection and I promise to bring you more breath taking Cosmetic items, live Facebook shows YouTube content and a friend to inspire you to be the best you can be along the whole way !! ...lots of love JaeLea cosmetics  

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