Nice to meet you, I am Jaelea Cosmetics!

Nice to meet you, I am Jaelea Cosmetics!

I am truly blessed to have you stumble across my website …your support and purchases mean more to me the you can even imagine ❤️

My greatest accomplishment in this life other then having my 3 little boys is growing this company with the help of our beautiful cosmetic family and influencers.

I feel so happy to even have made it this far  and the friendships with the influencers and fans along the way is somthing I hold very dear to my heart. 

we are all connected and a huge part of this company together, every single beauty. ....Before I say anything else, I have to say thank you, Without all of you  this is not possible.

You are the fuel that is going to make this company great! I promise to never stop trying to bring you beautiful original products to make you feel beautiful everyday.

Like I mentioned before I would consider my brand a very elegant and beautiful brand perfect for all ages.

I really feel there is a little be for everyone…… here is a little history on my self,

decided on naming my company after my first name it is actually pronounced ( j- lee)

I started the brand

October 7 2019, Makeup and all things beauty has always been a strong passion of mine.

but I also wanted to be my own Boss, I wanted to create beautiful product to make others feel beautiful.  

The cosmetics featured on my page are a personal design of mine.

. I believe people and situations are put in your life for a reason, Facebook is the brands main platform.

you are invited to join our makeup lives on Facebook with my self and other beautiful influencers.

shop my beautiful cosmetic line. Pick yourself out Something that is going to make you feel beautiful.

Your love and support would mean the world to me on this  journey of creating a elegant, fun, exciting and entertaining cosmetic brand for you!


your friend

JaeLea Cosmetics 


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